What if outdoor gyms produced electricity?


A British company makes outdoor gyms that harness the energy of the people working out.

The electricity generated by exercisers can power the lights of the outdoor gym and charge phones.

The equipment can produce up to 400W, though 100W is more likely for the average non-athlete.

I can’t see this powering city services.  But, there plenty of opportunities for these in parks.  City Park has an outdoor gym already.  The Lafitte Greenway is under construction.  In both cases, the output could offset energy costs.


Of course, it would require usage to be constant and consistent.  Most of the science future scenarios I imagine on the website assume that the population of Greater New Orleans increases.  I don’t see why we can’t be a major metropolis, like New York and Los Angeles.  Therefore, I’ll say outdoor electricity-generating parks have a place in our science future.



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