What if we had a high speed maglev transport to the north shore?


I lived in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for a short while. I was envious of its public transportation system, particularly the Metro.

The Science Future Map of Greater New Orleans needs a similar metro system. Part of that could be a high speed maglev (magnetic levitation) transport to the north shore.

Around the year 2000, the federal government was considering funding a Lake Pontchartrain maglev line. It didn’t happen. (New Orleans is still a part of the government’s plans for high speed rail.)

A maglev train actually levitates. The Guardian has a good explainer. That’s some real science future action.

It can also travel more than 300 mph. At that speed, the trip over Lake Pontchartrain (approximately 25 miles) would take five minutes.

I would put a station on the north shore at the intersection of Interstate 12 and Highway 190 and a south shore station at Lakeside Mall. It’s about a 30-mile trip, which would take six minutes at 300 mph.