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  • What if we had a high speed maglev transport to the north shore?

    I lived in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for a short while. I was envious of its public transportation system, particularly the Metro. The Science Future Map of Greater New Orleans needs a similar metro system. Part of that could be a high speed maglev (magnetic levitation) transport to the north shore. Around the year 2000, the […]

  • What if outdoor gyms produced electricity?

    A British company makes outdoor gyms that harness the energy of the people working out. The electricity generated by exercisers can power the lights of the outdoor gym and charge phones. The equipment can produce up to 400W, though 100W is more likely for the average non-athlete. I can’t see this powering city services.  But, […]

  • What if hotel islands could protect the coast?

    Luca Curci Architects designed a concept for a megalopolis in the Persian Gulf based on “Organic Cities.” Part of the design included “moons” — hotels and apartments in the water. They are crescent-shaped, which allows them to form a beach inside the crescent as the waves bring in sand and sediment. They look like coves […]

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  • What if we store air in underwater balloons to make electricity?

    What if we store air in underwater balloons to make electricity?

    Balloons are popular when it comes to imagining the science future. Canadian company Hydrostor came up with a way to store compressed air in balloons underwater that can be used to create electricity when needed. From a Hydrostor press release: “The technology works by running electricity through a compressor and converting it into compressed air. The […]

  • What if we put solar panels on balloons?

    An electro-chemist with the Japanese-French laboratory NextPV is studying the idea of putting solar cells on balloons and floating them high in the sky. This would make the solar cells “five times more abundant than on the ground.” New Orleans is already a Top 10 solar energy city according to at least one report. Cloudy days […]